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4 Best Safety Motorcycle Gear Of 2021

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Adventure while being at risk can cost you a life that nobody wishes. However, no individual wants to compromise on style and comfort. With that being said. I am bringing you some motorcycle gear that is stylish and comfortable. Investing in motorcycle gear after getting a motorcycle is the second-best thing you can do for yourself. 

Unfortunate things can happen anywhere, and you won’t even know about it. So get yourself some of these motorcycle gear for your safety. Because you will be in style when you have a life. 

4 Motorcycle Gear For Safety And Comfort


Helmets are the essential safety motorcycle gear. Wearing a helmet for hours can be uncomfortable, especially in warm weather. That makes riders give up wearing helmets, or they tend to avoid wearing them. And those helmets are light in weight, comfortable with full face coverage. 

One of my favorite brands for helmets is Modular. Suppose you are a rider who goes on long routes on bikes. The AGV Sport Modular helmet is incredibly lighter than you think. And all credit goes to the Formula 1-grade carbon fiber that they use while manufacturing. 

Air Leather Jackets

Now the time is evolving, and we have a lot of motorcycle gear for safety. Another fabulous motorcycle gear is the brand new invention of leather jackets with airbags. It is one of the most affordable and reasonable ways to get airbags into jackets. Although airbag vests are sold separately, now they are installed into jackets. And airbag jackets will automatically deploy if it detects a crash. 

My favorite airbag jacket is by Missile Air Jackets that feature race-grade 1.3mm genuine leather. Not only this, but these jackets for safety motorcycle gear are CE-certified GP-R protectors. It has pre-curved sleeves that reduce fatigue, and the rear hump at the back helps in improving aerodynamics. 

Motorcycle Gear Safety Gloves

Gloves are the motorcycle gear that not only protects hands from cold winds in winters. But also rescue hands from serious injury. If you are a high schooler, then you might have blown all your money on buying a motorcycle. 

Having very few chances to buy any motorcycle gear after blowing all the money on a motorcycle is a pain. However, I suggest you invest in riding gloves first and that too on a good quality one. My favorite riding glove brand is GPX 2.0, which is an updated version of their GPX gloves. With much more protection on track and amazing design. 

Riding Shoes

How can we forget shoes? We started with our heads and ended it on foot. Riding boots in the motorcycle gear range haven’t changed a lot. The majority of options are in black with knee-high boots. I prefer going for Dainese’s Dover Gore-Tex shoes that bring a fresh, futuristic design and offer robust protection. 

Riding boots are a kind of style with safety that can be worn around even if you are not riding a bike. 


Not only these four, but there are many safety motorcycle gear for you. It’s your choice to prioritize what motorcycle gear you want to buy first. And whenever you buy any gear, buy from a reputed and trusted brand.

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