Basic Bike Tools That Will Help You Maintain Your Mountain Bike

Mountains are all beautiful from afar but thorny from the near. Most people nowadays have a zeal to explore the mountain ranges and it has become a hit on the wishlist of the people. Mountain rides are done mostly by mountain jeeps and mountain bikes that grips perfectly to the unpaved road. Here are some Mountain Bike Purchase Tips below that could help one to get the best out of everything available. 

Types Of Mountain Bikes

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There are several types of mountain bikes available for different purposes. The best of some types are described below. 

Hard Tails – These are the best and high rated mountain bikes. These are liked by many people and are often bought for casual trails, steeps. Any Mountain Bike Purchase Tips would surely include this kind of bike due to its ultimate popularity. 

Cross-Country –  If someone wants to focus on the pedaling performance usually necessary in short distance marathons then this kind of bike is the best. These are extremely lightweight mountain bikes that give out the best experience. 

Downhill – These are the bikes that are specifically designed for the terrains with dips, steep, large drops, etc. These bikes have a good grab and suspension that boosts up confidence in riding the steep areas. 

Full- Suspension – These costs a lot more but give extreme comfort to the rider with increased confidence. It has a better suspension than all other types and has better control in rough terrains irrespective of the speed. 

Enduro – These are often used by mountain explorers as it is most suitable for longer rides with low-level dips and drops. It is slightly difficult to run on trails. 

Crucial Tips For Best Bikes

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Several Mountain Bike Purchase Tips for first-time mountain bike riders are mentioned below to get the best bike for the purpose. These tips would surely be helpful to reduce the cost and help to get out of the seller-buyer trap. 

First of all, the type and the budget of the mountain bikes are needed to be determined. 

The second most important tip in Mountain Bike Purchase Tips would be to check out the frames, frame sizes, grips, disc brakes, etc. These are very important to get the most preferred bike according to one’s comfort. 

Well, most of the buyers prefer and focus on the weight of the bike but weight is all-important on-road travels but in terrain with drops, dips and steep the strength of the bike holds a higher priority. Hence, one must focus more on the strength factor. 

One must think of a quality suspension and hard grips and good quality because that is all that matters. 

The last in the Mountain Bike Purchase Tips is to make sure to go on a test ride. Yes, just like any geared motor vehicle, a mountain bike test ride is necessary to check all the comfort and details. 

Buying Locations/Price

Mountain Bikes are available both offline and online stores. But it is highly recommended to test drive a bike before buying it. Hence, if someone is interested in buying online then one must consider the genuine products and sites. Many sites promise low costs but are often considered frauds. Mountain Bike Purchase Tips most important tip is the cost and the maximum average cost would be near about $4k – $10k. 


Mountain rides are adventurous and both dangerous. Hence it is advised to go on a mountain ride fully prepared and with full safety guidelines. The additional things that would go hand in hand with these bikes would include a helmet, knee and elbow pads, jaw protection, biker gloves, GPS trackers, and a first aid box. These are a must for rides. It is also advised to do thorough research before deciding on any bike. Happy riding!

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