Best Stationary Bike Stands

stationary bike stand

The best bike trainer stands let you take your outdoor bike indoors, to simulate a home spin workout without the need for heavy equipment. 

1. Alpcour Portable Indoor Bike Trainer Stand

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We love the smooth and streamlined look of this bike trainer stand from Alpcour. Constructed from a durable stainless steel frame, this portable indoor trainer is packed with cyclist-minded features, like a flywheel mechanism that replicates real cycling drag, built-in noise reduction, and a magnetic resistance provide a perfectly cool, consistent, stable, shake-free riding experience.

The stand is compatible with road and mountain bikes, including 26 to 29-inch tires. The extra wide base and low stance ensures perfect riding balance at every setting. Access the stand’s six resistance levels via remote, which attaches to your handlebars for precise resistance control.

The bike stand comes with anti-slip, rubber-coated pads, so it will stand firm even if the surface of your floor isn’t perfectly flat. Your bike will connect in seconds, and releases with a handy quick lever.

For its compact size, this bike stand is surprisingly sturdy and provides consistent, durable performance.

2. Sportneer Fluid Bike Trainer Stand 

Bike Stands

If you have a road bike, you’re in for a smoother and whirr-free ride than what you’d get cycling on the pavement. Break a sweat without disturbing your disgruntled neighbors or housemates with Sportneer’s fluid, high-quality resistance wheel, which ensures easy spinning that’s whisper quiet.

The same resistance wheel also has a reduced-friction design, which means your bike tires will stay strong for the maximum riding time. It also has a dual-locking system that screws your bike into place, and a small riser that fits under the front wheel to eliminate wobbling.

What we like: the super quick, tool-free setup means you won’t have to wait long to hit those pedals. The frame can be also folded up for easy storage, and compact enough to take with you, so that you can enjoy a workout anywhere. This stand can fits bikes between 26-29 inches, and is also compatible with 700C bikes too, so everyone can enjoy a smoother, silent ride.

3. Saris Fluid2 Indoor Bike Trainer

This innovative bike stand from Saris has one of the widest resistance ranges a true road-like ride. The large, balanced flywheel has a fan-like design, so you can easily customize each ride simply by shifting gears, just as you would cycling outside.

Even though it has a “Universal” fit, the Fluid2 bike trainer is a great choice if you have a larger mountain bike, since it’s recommended that you have trainer wheels, and supports up to 29-inch tires. Self-cooling mechanisms in the fan itself will keep your bike trainer performing better, longer. With a special fluid resistance design, the trainer will also work quieter while providing a greater level of resistance.

One big plus is that it also connects to training apps, like Zwift, and other indoor cycling apps. If you want to train with apps like Zwift or Rouvy you’ll need speed sensor, but all together, it’s much more affordable than a stationary bike and a spin class membership.

For an impressive range of resistance, and an even more impressively smooth ride, the Saris Fluid2 can’t be beat.

These are the three best bike stands.

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