Bike Touring Equipment List - How to Choose the Right Bike and Equipment - Bike Touring Equipment List - How to Choose the Right Bike and Equipment -

Bike Touring Equipment List – How to Choose the Right Bike and Equipment

bike touring equipment list

When you first get started with bicycle touring, it is important to have a bike touring equipment list that you keep up with to make sure you have everything you need for your next trip. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or if you have been on bike tours with your family for years; there are basic items that everyone should take with them for as long as they plan to bike travel. You should also have a plan of how to maintain your bike, so you won’t have to waste gas by getting an expensive repair kit when your chains are too loose to function properly.

The Safety Items

A bicycle parked on the side of a building

The first item in your bike travel inventory should be safety items. This is particularly true if you plan to ride around Australia, which is a pretty remote area. Safety equipment varies depending on where you are going; there is no one road that is safe for touring across. In fact, in most places, you are better off taking a more scenic route or at least staying away from towns unless you know the safest routes within the area. Here is a brief rundown on the basic safety gear you should have when touring around Australia:

Biking Shoes

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Road Biking shoes are a crucial component of any cycle tour. They should fit comfortably and should not feel like you are walking on your feet all the time. Shoes are very important for bicycle tours, because you will need to take large bicycle tours without any one of your bikes falling apart in the process. If you take the proper precautions and avoid untoward events such as road accidents, your bicycle tours will go smoothly and you won’t have to worry about your bike’s parts breaking down on you.

The Right Clothing

Clothing is another vital component of cycling around Australia. The weather can play havoc with your clothing so you must be prepared for anything. If it’s windy, you want to be sure that your clothing has a waterproof feature. There are many different materials for cycling clothing in the market so finding one that you can rely on is important. One of the best investments that you will ever make regarding your biking trips is the purchase of a waterproof jacket.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes Another vital piece of cycling equipment for bike tours is a mountain bike. Mountain bikes offer some of the best riding environments around and if you choose the proper model, they also offer great comfort. You can find a wide selection of mountain bikes in all kinds of models and you can even customize your bike for a unique adventure. This type of bike is great for beginners but there are some models that are better suited for the experienced rider. Beginners who are looking for something easier to control should consider purchasing a trail bike instead. These bikes offer an upright position that is similar to riding a bicycle.

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