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I recommend that kids wear a helmet, goggles, boots, chest protector, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, and a jersey and pants.  I don’t make my kids wear a collar unless they are racing or jumping at an official track.  Most of the time, we are just riding off-road in the woods around Boise.


My Recommendation: Fox V1 Helmet.  Do NOT buy a helmet online for kids sizes.  They really need to try them on.

Approximate Cost: $120-140

More important than any new helmet technology is simply getting a good fit.  Buying a helmet for kids is tough because they all feel heavy to the kids, and they can’t always communicate clearly which one fits right.  I found the best way to test was to have my kids put on a helmet and not do up the chin strap, then have them shake their head up and down wildly.  If the helmet stayed mostly in place, it was a decent fit.


A man doing a trick on a bicycle jumping in the air

My RecommendationThese O’Neal Boots from  It’s fine to order the boots online.  They should be the same size as their normal shoes, but maybe order just SLIGHTLY larger if your kid is growing, but not too big that they don’t securely protect the foot.

Approximate Cost – See the link above for current pricing.

The most two important pieces of gear when dirt biking are the helmet and the boots.  Generally, I recommend not going too cheap on boots.  For adults, I recommend spending about $200 on a quality pair instead of getting the cheap ones.  However, I don’t think the same is necessarily true for kids for a few reasons.

Chest Protector

My Recommendation: Leatt 2.5 chest protector from

Approximate Cost – See the link above for current pricing.

You’ll find lots of really cheap roost protectors on Amazon that are as cheap as this, but I recommend getting something with better protection.  There is a big difference between a chest protector and a simple roost guard, and I think this is an important part to protect on the kids.  The fox chest protectors (not roost guards) are also good in this category.  I recommend the Leatt here because it has a little better protection than the Fox and has better compatibility with a neck guard if they are required at the track where you ride.

Knee and Elbow Pads

A young man riding a bike down a dirt road

My Recommendation: JBM knee and elbow pads from

Approximate Cost – See the link above for current pricing.

We tried a few of the Fox knee and elbow pads and weren’t totally impressed.  I like the Fox knee pads, but we haven’t had a good experience with the elbow pads.  Their peewee elbow pads have no hard plastic to protect the kids, and they don’t velcro very well.  They constantly slip off.


Recommendation: Fox Racing Youth Dirtpaw Race Gloves on

Approximate Cost: See the link above for current pricing.

My recommendation on gloves is to get something with better protection than most of the official dirt bike gloves.  Kids fall off the dirt bike all the time, so their hands can tend to get cut up from breaking their fall when they go down on rocks or sharp twigs.

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