Choosing Your Bike Packing Equipment -

Choosing Your Bike Packing Equipment

bike packing equipment

In other words, all your gear should be easy to get on and off, weigh little, be lightweight and easy to store.

Once it’s been decided what type of bike packing equipment will work best for you, there are several options to consider. First, you’ll probably put all of your non-moving, non-essential gear in bike bags mounted on the rear handlebars, in a bucket rack, or on a rear seat carrier. It’s a good idea to include the lightest material in front, as you don’t want to feel too heavy on your bike. You also want the tank area of the bike packing system to fit snugly against the back wheel.

The Rear Rack Carrier

If you have light gravel bikes, it may be easier to pack them with regular bike packing equipment. These days, the rear rack carrier is very popular, as it’s easy to take gravel bikes along on a long cross country trip. But if you just want to travel with your gravel bike on weekends and other small trips, you can take advantage of regular bike packing equipment. That will also work well if you plan to travel with your bike on more remote routes or “outback” trips.

The main thing to consider when it comes to bike packing equipment is how “stuffy” your bike bag is. If you tend to bring a lot of gear, then there’s no reason to waste money on regular sized bike bags. So find bike bags that are large enough for your gear but not too large to comfortably fit all of it. Look for bike seat packs that are wider than tall, so the gear can be spread out. If you want the widest bike bags, go for the widest saddle seats.

Bike Packing Accessories

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Some people love the idea of riding their bike around campsites or trails. If this is something that interests you, then look for bike packing accessories to help protect your bike while you ride. Some bike packing options include bike seat packs, bike backpacks, and bike saddle bags. You can buy separate pieces or buy everything in one kit.

Bike seat packs come in all different shapes and sizes, but they’re designed specifically to help protect your bike while riding in the outdoors. Some are built with extra padding to make them more comfortable. These are great for those who enjoy riding gravel trails and prefer a more stable bike packing experience. Other seat packs just hold up water bottles or gravel mixes for convenience. They’re perfect for day trippers or weekend warriors.

The Bike Saddle Bag

If you want more options, then check out some of the bike saddle bag options that are available. These are great for first bike packing trips, as they allow you to carry other items along, like snacks, first aid kits, and water bottles. If you plan on taking a couple of other bags with you, then this might be a good choice for you.

Final Words

Choosing the right bike packing accessories is important for both you and your bike. Find out what your options are, then choose according to comfort, storage, and durability. If you spend a lot of time on your bikes, then it’s a good idea to invest in quality bike bags to protect it while transporting it to and from your car. Whatever your needs, there’s a bike packing range of bags to suit them.

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