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Different specialized Bike Tools You Should Have

specialized bike tools

The presence of specialized bike tools is a must to ensure that your mountain bike is in tiptop shape at all times. If you are not familiar with these tools, then it may be best to leave the task to a professional mountain biker. However, if you are a beginner and are just starting to ride, then you will want to know what tools you will need to make riding a pleasure. There are a variety of options available on the market for specialized bike maintenance tools. Some of them can be used exclusively, while others are used to fix common problems that occur throughout the life of a mountain bike.

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The first type of specialized bike tool to consider is one that is used for adjusting the height of your tires. Many bikers do not like their tires to be too low or too high. This can be dangerous because it can make it difficult to prevent accidents. This is where a top of the line bike tool comes into play. A special tool is used to change the height of the tire to the specific height that is needed for your specific situation.

Another important specialized bike maintenance task is changing the pressure of your tire. If you are accustomed to riding on flat, level terrain, then changing the pressure may be simple. However, if you live and die by the terrain that you are riding on most of the time, then it is critical that you take this important step as often as possible. Pressure adjustments are easy to accomplish using the same specialized bike maintenance tools as the ones used for changing the height of your tires.


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Another important specialized bike maintenance task is checking and maintaining your brakes. If you use these brakes on a regular basis, then you should maintain them properly. This is especially critical if you are using them on slick mountain trails. Ensuring that your brakes are in good condition will reduce the likelihood of an accident happening. This is not something that many bikers try to do, but it is imperative to do so to prevent injury or worse.

Other specialized bike maintenance tasks include changing the air filter. These filters help to remove the harmful toxins and pollutants that occur during every ride. Having clean air in your body helps you stay healthier and less susceptible to illness.


Your specialized bike maintenance regimen will typically consist of checking the chain and sprocket at least twice a year. Doing this helps to prevent premature derailleur problems. A lot of new riders experience problems with the chain and sprocket early on. Changing these two things early on will prevent the problem from getting out of hand.

The chain is used to pull the tire on your bike. Keeping it clean and in good condition is essential to having a smooth ride. Dust and dirt can build up on the chain, which decreases the efficiency at which the chain spins. Using a wire brush to clean the chain and sprocket periodically is essential to having a properly functioning bike.


The tire is what makes your bike function. It is vital that you change your tires when necessary or else they will wear out prematurely. If you don’t change your tires when needed, you run the risk of your bike functioning poorly and experiencing excessive wear. Other specialized bike maintenance tasks include inspections of brakes, suspension and other components on your specialized bike. These inspections are necessary to ensure that your safety is always a priority

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