Foldable Cycle As A Gift For Your Kid -

Foldable Cycle As A Gift For Your Kid

If you want your kids to play outdoors instead of playing on the phone, get them a foldable cycle. It will also give them the opportunity to connect with others outside.

Foldable Bicycle For Kids

Get your little one this amazing foldable kids’ cycle. This bicycle is the right size for small kids. It is also easy to carry anywhere. Your kids will be active outdoors. As it comes with training wheels, your kid will be safe. It is really a great gift for little ones. The frame metal and the fork material is of steel. It can take up to 100kg load.

The bikes are available in two different colors: pink and blue. However, the size range of these bicycles varies. For kids who are under 4 years, you can get 12″ one; it has a leg length of 33-42cm and the height range is 80-105cm. 16″ ones are for kids of age 4-7 yrs. This has a leg length of 45-55cm and a height range of 105-135cm. The 18″ ones are great for 5-9 years old. This size variable comes with 115-150cm height range and 50-60cm leg length.

Foldable Cycle

If you want to gift something awesome to your kid, definitely get him this bicycle. You must give kids playing objects that will provide them with fun memories. A bike can give them a good time, and they will also learn to ride a bike at an early age. As these foldable bicycles are coming with training wheels, there is no need to panic. Indeed, they will not fall. This bike will prepare the kids to ride a bike without training wheels. Kids will learn basic biking style. Soon, they will become pro in riding bikes. Your kids will have a great time with these bikes.

Active Outdoor

Sometimes, we are confused about what to gift to our children. Sometimes, it becomes a hard decision to take when your kid’s birthday is nearer and you are not sure which gift will be perfect. You definitely want to gift your little one something that will be special. A gift should make them happy, and they must jump with excitement. So, when you have to choose the right toy, you must consider choosing something that will keep them active outdoors. In that case, why not you get a foldable cycle for kids? A bicycle is a precious gift for your kid and it will let them explore the outdoors.


If you have a big space in your home, your kids can ride their bikes indoor also. However, it is best if your kids go outside and enjoy their ride there. You must be thinking that carrying a bike will be trouble. However, as the bike is foldable, it is quite easy to carry it anywhere you want. So, let your kid enjoy riding in your nearby park. Get the bicycle and teach your kid how to ride.

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