Get A Good Speedometer For Your Top Bike

Get Good Speedometer For Your Top Bike

If you own a top bike, you probably love to race sometimes. To make your racing experience far better, you must mount a waterproof speedometer on your top bike. Even for night biking, this device is great.

Rainproof Speedometer For Bicycle

This speedometer is waterproof so while raining, you don’t have to worry whether it will work all right or get damaged. It has a backlight feature for using at night. The device comes with an intelligent reminder as well as a wireless transmission system. It is compatible not only with bicycles but also with motorcycles and bicycles. The size of the gadget is 2.2×2.2×2.2 inches. It weighs only 30g. It exists only in black color. The material of the speedometer is ABS. It requires a CR2032 battery that you have to buy separately. In the package, you will get: a speedometer, a magnet, a sensor, a support tape, a cable tie, and a user manual.

The Device

Want to compete in various cycling competition with your top bike? Then it will be easy to use this rainproof speedometer. Speed up while you ensure safety using your speedometer. This device provides the biker awareness about the speed. This is how it protects the rider from getting into accidents. It is very helpful in those areas where you have to limit your speed. It is a convenient way to measure your speed and calculate it while you are on the go.


It is a safety device. For every vehicle, a speedometer is an important tool. So, no matter which two-wheeler you love to ride, it is worthwhile for you. You not only will get the current speed of your bike, but it also shows the travel time and the travel distance. Apart from that, you will get the right time and date info from the device, according to the time zone you set. This speedometer also calculates the environmental temperature both in Fahrenheit and in Celsius. Apart from that, it measures your bike’s average wheel rotation/minute. The speedometer features an indicator for low battery. This indicator signals the user to change batteries. You have to buy the battery as it is not included in the package.

Conventional Design

The design is very compact. It has a height of 5.5cm., a length of 4.6 cm and a width of 4.6 cm. It is a small gadget but is still mighty. Despite its size, this device is useful in various ways. You can use the tool both in the day and in the night. There is a feature of night light in the machine so it provides easy visibility. It also gives additional safety by giving the oil maintenance reminder system as well as a reminder for the speed limit. It alerts the user quickly. Not only that, you can see the acceleration and the deceleration of your vehicle in real-time. It becomes easier to control your speed. As it is waterproof and rainproof, it can withstand from getting damaged during rainy and hot weather.

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