Motorcycle Camping Equipment Tips To Get You Started On An Adventure -

Motorcycle Camping Equipment Tips To Get You Started On An Adventure

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A bad night’s sleep can leave you tired and wanting for more, a bad tent can leave you freezing in the middle of the night, and poor planning can leave you in the ditch with all of your gear. So check out the top picks and tips below for motorcycle camping gear and necessities for a smashing motorcycle camping adventure.

First up are the essential sleeping bags and tents. Motorcycle touring is usually done on a budget, so don’t spend too much on your motorcycle camping equipment unless it’s really needed. There are several different types of tents available including dome tents, pop-up tents and tarp tents, but a few basics always remain handy and essential. For a start, a good base camp in any tent will make sure that you don’t freeze when you’re sleeping – a tarp tent or pop-up tent will do just fine. Don’t skimp on waterproofing either; remember that you will be riding in the woods, and that your motorcycle camping equipment will be exposed to wet and cold conditions. Sleeping bags should also be waterproof, as they should be able to protect your bike from all kinds of weather.

A Top Quality Sleeping Bag

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Another piece of motorcycle camping equipment that’s essential is a top quality sleeping bag. Many people don’t think about this, but there’s more than one type of sleeping bag out there, and a cheap sleeping bag will not last through long-term use. It’s important to shop around, and to choose gear that’s sturdy and well-built. If you’re planning on taking your equipment with you, it can even make sense to buy a little extra storage space so that you don’t have to carry a ton of extra gear on your bike!

Camping gear for motorbike touring should be lightweight, and this includes clothing. Motorcycle clothing has evolved significantly in recent years to make the rider as comfortable as possible. Jackets, trousers, bibs, gloves, boots and gloves all come in a range of great styles, colors and materials. A full jacket should be a priority if you plan on taking your motorbike on any significant journeys.

Sleeping Bag And Stoves

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One of the items of camping equipment that many riders forget to take with them is their sleeping bag and stoves. It’s important to have a good sleeping bag, one that’s waterproof and aerated for ease of drying. Remember to pack some candles for your Vietnam adventure! Vietnam is famous for the cuisine and sights it has to offer, and your meals will be to die for when you take your motorbike on a trip into the countryside.

You’ll need plenty of fresh air in order to stay awake on long, hot Vietnam trips. You can take advantage of natural ventilation by using fans to blow hot air through your sleeping quarters – but don’t light up your sleeping bag until you’re about the third night into your journey!


If you’re interested in shopping, Vietnam offers some great deals on motorcycle camping gear. Many major brands are producing their own ranges in Vietnam. Check them out to see how the Vietnamese manufacturers are faring, but remember that there’s absolutely nothing cheap about quality here. Look out for gear that’s been designed for use in wet and dusty conditions, such as for those tackling the famous Tonle Sap Lake.

Your motorbike will probably get lost in a variety of places. If you live in Vietnam, then you’re going to be safer taking a road-mobile or street-motorbike. Otherwise, you’ll likely end up spending the night at a guest house and then needing to get back to your motorbike to continue your adventure. In the case of a motorbike tour, you might find it useful to have some supplies with you such as a map and compass. If you have a GPS device, you can use it to mark your way.

Final Words

Finally, when you’re ready to begin your journey, don’t forget the motorcycle camping tent. Motorcycle touring tents are designed to provide complete protection from the elements in any weather condition. So don’t skimp on your tent – make sure you buy one that’s suitable for the size of your motorbike, your budget and the area you’ll be travelling in.

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