Motorcycle Equipment And Safety Precautions -

Motorcycle Equipment And Safety Precautions

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When you purchase motorcycle equipment for your new motorcycle, it’s always best to do some research beforehand, just to make sure you’re getting what you need. Motorcycle equipment can be confusing because there are so many different types of things! For example, did you know that there are three different styles of helmets that you can purchase? There are also lots of different jackets, boots, chaps, and more.

A Jacket That Fits You Properly – Motorcycle Equipment

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There are three different styles of motorcycle equipment to consider when you’re buying your gear. First, you will need to choose a jacket that fits you properly. Your jacket is essentially a very important part of your riding experience. Quality helmets have a very long life, and many riders simply think twice about wearing them after their initial investment has paid itself off.

Next, there is the moped, which is sort of a cross between a motorcycle and a moped. It was created as a practical alternative to a motorcycle, and it has been very popular for years in Europe. Mopeds can run up to 90 mph, so they are really ideal for getting around in the city, where driving at night or in the daylight hours is much more dangerous. Although they are not the fastest type of vehicle on the road, many riders find that they are a much safer ride than other vehicles.

Safety Equipment Is An Absolute Priority

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Finally, there are “scooters” and “bikes,” which are much like scooters and mopeds but are much larger and intended for use on the street. Motorcyclists must abide by all the same rules that car drivers must abide by, such as wearing a motorcycle helmet and wearing motorcycle glasses. Motorcyclists are also required to yield to other motorcyclists, to obey traffic signals, and to use their turn signals. Motorcyclists are also not allowed to operate motorcycles within 25 feet of another vehicle, except for farm equipment or trucks. All states have different laws regarding operating a motorcycle or bicycle within their jurisdiction, so it is always wise to check your particular state law before attempting to ride out on the road.

For both riders and motorists, safety equipment is an absolute priority, whether you’re riding in your motorcycle or on a bike with a passenger. Leather chaps, jackets, helmets, and boots are among the items that every rider should purchase, in order to protect themselves from injury in case of an accident. Many of these items are often required by law in most jurisdictions, but there are still some states that don’t require riders to wear them. In this regard, it is important for you to choose safety gear that is not only appropriate for the state in which you live, but for which you are certified by your local Department of Motor Vehicles.

Motorcycle Helmets – Actually Mandatory In Many Jurisdictions

Motorcycle helmets are actually mandatory in many jurisdictions, although the Department of Transportation cautions motorcyclists to always wear a helmet that offers the maximum amount of protection. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that all helmets available on the market offer the same level of protection. It’s important for you to do your homework and choose a helmet that fits properly, as well as one that has been designed and constructed well. In addition, riders should remember that a good helmet will have vents in it to help keep the air flowing around the rider’s head and neck.

It’s also a good idea for motorcyclists to carry with them a cell phone, a small handheld radio, and a bottle of water or oil. A number of states, as well as the federal Highway Administration, encourage motorists to use mobile phones while driving. While this can sometimes be a nuisance, studies show that cell phone usage reduces the chance that a motorcyclist will be involved in a collision, as motorcyclists can be reached quickly by emergency operators if they become disabled or in need of assistance. Motorists can also take an extra precaution, however, and keep portable radios on board when driving. These radios allow motorists to communicate with other motorists, especially if the roads are not passable and there are no other means of communication. Finally, motorists should always wear protective eye and ear gear.


One piece of motorcycle equipment that many people don’t think about while out riding is safety footwear. Motorcycle boots are essential because they provide additional protection for the feet. Motorcycle boots are made of leather, suede, vinyl, or some other sturdy material so that they will protect the feet from abrasion, burns, acid, or other injuries that can occur on a motorcycle. Motorcycle shoes, on the other hand, should be worn low enough on the foot so that they are easy to slip on and off. And just like with other pieces of protective gear, it’s important to keep both feet off the foot brake, which can cause serious injury in the event of an accident.

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