Mountain Bike Safety Equipment - What to Look For When Buying -

Mountain Bike Safety Equipment – What to Look For When Buying

mountain bike safety equipment

You should wear appropriate mountain bike safety equipment when riding your bike to limit the risk of accidents and serious injury. A vital piece of mountain bike safety equipment is a helmet, which is practically mandatory if you plan to ride at all. But what should you look for in a helmet, and where can you buy one?

The first piece of good mountain bike safety equipment is a good helmet, with a ventilation system. Many helmets offer only small vents, so it’s important to find the right one. Ventilation is very important because it helps to keep your head cool, which in turn protects you from heat burns and the more serious issues such as skull fractures. There are a number of brands and features available on today’s market, so it’s easy to find one that best suits your needs. There are lots of manufacturers but three that come highly recommended by cycling professionals, including Bell, Scorpion and Smith.

A Helmet

In addition to a helmet, there’s also a wide range of other essential mountain biking safety equipment. For the ultimate protection, you’ll need gloves and knee pads. Gloves are essential for protection during the day and can help prevent your hands from being injured in falls. Knee pads, meanwhile, help reduce the risk of sliding out of the saddle and causing injury. This is essential for dirt jumping and downhill riding.

Upper Body Armor

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Another essential part of your mountain bike safety equipment list is upper body armor. Wearing upper body armor can help prevent serious injury in case of accidental shots or falls. Some designs even offer bullet-resistant protection, which is great for fighting off attackers. Chest and abdominal protectors are also important to ensure your safety on crowded roads. They can be used to avoid bullet injuries if you are hit by stray bullets.

A Back Support Strap And A Cervical Collar

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Other pieces of mountain bike safety equipment that you should invest in include a back support strap and a cervical collar. A back support strap helps keep your spine properly aligned, preventing spinal cord compression. Cervical collars prevent your head from hitting the ground during an accident. The impact from the impact of a falling bike can damage the fragile cervical cord. An impact to the spinal cord can result in severe injuries such as herniated discs, spondylosis and even paralysis. A cervical collar prevents the vertebrae from suddenly deforming due to shock and trauma.

A Pair Of Steel-Toe Boots

The third set of protective gear you need is a pair of steel-toe boots. You might think that these are unnecessary pieces of safety equipment, but the truth is that open toe boots can cause upper body injuries such as torn ligaments, torn ACLs and even broken collar bones. Steel toe boots also prevent your feet from slipping out of the pedals when you are riding. When shopping for safety equipment, it is important that you check the construction of the steel toe, as some manufacturers do not construct them with safety in mind.

Your helmet is one of the most important pieces of mountain biking equipment that you should purchase. A crash can result in severe injuries to the head, and not just the forehead. If you are not wearing a helmet, you are at a very high risk of suffering a debilitating injury to the neck area, known as a concussion. 


Concussions can cause a bulging neck, severe pain and even paralysis. Therefore, you should always wear a helmet even if you think that you will not be riding at high speeds or in any risky situations. The final piece of mountain bike riding gear that you should consider investing in our elbow and shin guards. These protect your forearms and shins from impacts. As we all know, during certain sections of a race, your legs can often take a beating. To reduce the risk of hurting your shins or elbows while riding, invest in a pair of elbow and shin guards.

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