New Motorcycle Accessories For Indian Bikes -

New Motorcycle Accessories For Indian Bikes

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This season marks the 20th anniversary of Indian Motorcycle Accessories. The reason for this celebration is the release of the new Indian Challenger model by Harley Davidson. Since its first release, the new version of Indian Champers has been redesigned and made available to all authorized dealers in the U.S. This upgrade in appearance has added a new sense of performance and appeal to an already popular product. If you’re looking for an upgrade to your current bike, check out the new looks available for your Indian Springfield!

Harley Davidson Dealership

Motorcycle Accessories

The new edition of Indian motorcycle accessories has been developed and is offered exclusively through the Harley Davidson dealership in India. This effort has been made in response to requests from customers who have seen the new models and wanted to see if they would be able to get the same quality, attention to detail, and accessories that would be found on an authentic Harley Davidson model. So what is included in the 21st Century Lineup?

A cool new seat has been added to the Indian line up of bikes, which provides both comfort and safety for Indian riders. The new design keeps the traditional motorcycle cockpit but adds an ergonomic, back-rest style seat. The new cooled seat provides more seating room for riders while also reducing the pressure on the spine. The lowered center of gravity further reduces fatigue for long distance rides. This seat is compatible with Harley’s previous models and is compatible with the new high-performance motorcycle frame too.

The Quick Release Trunk

Motorcycle Accessories

One accessory that is new to the Indian line up is the quick release trunk. With a push-button, riders can easily access the storage compartment under the seat. The quick release trunk mounts securely to the back of the seat and can be removed quickly for cleaning or for a simple change of clothes. This trunk comes with an optional shoulder strap to easily reach motorcycle boots or helmets for those quick summer trips.

Another accessory that is new to the Indian line up is the newly designed passenger chieftain. With a straight-arm design, the passenger chieftain is designed for quick and efficient changing of clothing as well as comfortable and secure seating. With a newly designed rounded fender, riders no longer have to deal with a sharp edge. In addition to this comfortable seating, the rider now has more reach as well as more options when it comes to choosing his clothing.

 The New Cool Colored Choquintop

The new cool touch for the new designs in Indian motorcycle accessories includes the quick release trunk and the new cool colored choquintop. The new chrome finish for the choquintop enhances its overall appearance, while the straight-arm design of the trunk further enhances its appeal to the younger Indian motorcycle riders. Both the choquintop and the quick release trunk are designed to accommodate riders of all ages, from young beginners to experienced veterans. The new color combination of black and grey makes these accessories even more attractive.

Summing Up 

The new additions to the Indian motorcycle accessories lineup include the new bull bar as well as the chrome knuckle bar and the new crimson metallic saddlebags. These accessories come in exciting new colors which further make them unique. The crimson metallic saddlebags add a new dimension to the Indian rider’s experience. They will surely add a new touch to the rider’s look.

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