Top 6 Essential Green Dirt Bike Gear Riders Must Have - Top 6 Essential Green Dirt Bike Gear Riders Must Have -

Top 6 Essential Green Dirt Bike Gear Riders Must Have

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For riders, dirt bike riding is not a hobby but a way to love and live life. The riders will tell you that it is the most exhilarating and adventurous trip on two wheels. Simply put, dirt bike riding is just fun. It’s not just the time you spend on a dirt bike from a local dealer or nearby private party then having a ride the next weekend. Wearing the essential accessories for dirt bike riding comes with the whole deal.

Because the matter is not if but when you have an accident. The one rule that most experienced riders follow is to wear the gear for any crash. The equipment for dirt bike riding is there to support you and keep the experience enjoyable rather than painful.

Dirt Bike Helmet and Goggles

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Riders should wear helmets that are packed with modern research and technology that will help them to keep it safe and enjoyable at the track or trail. Each dirt bike helmet must come with a DOT or Department of Transportation approval.

Most of the dirt bikes should also come with a Snell Certification as the helmets that are Snell certified have been examined more rigorously. Before you purchase any helmet, read the guide to know that what you are buying is the safest one available.

Scott Hustle X goggles one of the finest green goggles on the market. The in-line google features the NoFog anti-fog lens to prevent fogging and condensation and the Turview single WORKS lens that prevents harmful UV rays.

Dirt Bike Boots and Pants

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Moose Racing Boots is one of the green dirt bikes that thought of everything. The boots have reinforced TPU ankle, skin, and footplates that are engineered to increase stability without reducing mobility. The polyester inner lining absorbs moisture and the synthetic leather is flexible and abrasion-resistant.

Troy Lee Designs 2019 GP Air Pants is an essential green dirt bike gear that you must have because of the highly ventilated and lightweight equipment. It is also perfect for riding in warm weather. The vented and mesh polyester paneling all around the pant is meant for airflow and cooling for a long time.

Dirt bIke Jerseys and Gloves

O’Neal 2020 Elements Jersey offers one of the best quality, comfort, and protection among numerous products at just one thousand and five hundred and eighty-five dollars. The material is moisture-drawing and breathable while the elbow is padded.

Fly Racing 2020 F-16 Gloves are available extra small size to double extra large. It is best suited for performance riding with its Silicon gripper fingers and padded palm along with reinforced thumbs. It also has an adjustable wrist closure system with a classic comfortable fit as it is neither too tight nor too loose.


Whether you battling mosquitoes on the dirt trail, or you are on the track or you are riding in the sand these six dirt bike gear is essential for your safe riding. There is equipment too but, these are the absolute necessary ones that you must start with.

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