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Womens Dirt Bike Riding Gear – The Emphasis On The Jackets

womens dirt bike riding gear

To all those bike riders rolling on the streets, this is the motorcycle jacket that you need for a comfortable ride. Cortech is one of the most renowned brands manufacturing the accessories required by a biker who wants to travel a long distance on their bike. The jacket is available in various sizes from extra small to double extra-large jackets. The jacket is one of the most stylish gear items with sporty looks and comfort. The main material used in a good jacket is polyester and carbolex which makes sure that the jacket is waterproof, light and breathable. Now, let us know how jacket is an important aspect of the Womens Dirt Bike Riding Gear.

Womens Dirt Bike Riding Gear – Buying A Jacket

A motorcycle parked on the side of a dirt field

One of the most important features of this jacket is the material provided around the joints like elbows. There is a Ballistic polyester which makes sure that there is little or no damage in case of an accident. Another material used is Carbolex. Carbolex is used to make the jacket light in weight, durable and make sure that there is enough space for the rider to feel comfortable.

Another important feature of this jacket is that it is waterproof. This means that the jacket can be used during rains too. This is because the rider would not know when the weather will change. The jacket is rainproof and so, the rider will not have to worry about drying it. Also, the material is breathable and has a lining that can be removed to make more space.

Stylish Looks

A person riding a bike down a dirt road

To make the look more stylish, the collars are made in the Chinese manner. The collars are also known as mandarin collars. These also have a benefit, they cover the neck completely and the rider can prevent excess sun causing rashes on the skin. The collars are made from microfiber and so, they are light in weight do not really cause any kind of discomfort.

While riding a motorcycle, one of the most important things is the ventilation inside the jacket. The heat of the motorcycle is itself very high,k and therefore it is important the body temperature is kept cool. There are zippered chest vents which are used to provide ventilation to the body. These zippered vents can be removed if you want to make more room inside the jacket.

The sleeves are also folded during manufacturing. This enhances the comfort during the ride.


There are a lot of people who are indulged in motorsports and adventures. These sports are dangerous and require specific gear and equipment for the protection of the people. A good Motorcycle Jacket is one of the mandatory gears that comes as a protective gear for motorcycle and power sports. The jacket contains a waterproof liner, which is breathable as well. This jacket is durable and strong, as it is suitable for all weather conditions and terrains. It is brushed with adjustable snap to collar and lining for comfort. The jacket has a twin Velcro that is adjustable, from belts to waist, and two external vents on chest plus two on the lower back with zippers. There are two external pockets and one internal pocket along. It also has reflective stripes on upper arms and back for visibility in the dark.

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